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Multiply Complaint Procedures

Notice of Complaint (PDF)

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Please note:
Warranty is intended for
authorized Multiply
Flooring Wholesalers
use only.
Consumers should
refer to their Retailer
and or
Professional Installers
for help.



It is our objective to respond to every complaint promptly and professionally, with the goal of discovering the source of the problem and offering the customer a reasonable solution, where possible. We feel very strongly that it is in the best interest of the customer for the distributor sales rep. to handle the initial followup on complaints according to the following procedures:

  1. Complete the Multiply complaint form and fax to the Multiply sales office immediately. It is essential that every portion of the complaint form be filled in as we are better able to make an appropriate determination based on the information we have. If a sample is available, we ask that the complaint form be mailed with the sample to the Multiply office.
  2. If the complaint is over $1,000, please call our office as we may want to inspect the complaint ourselves. 
  3. If the floor has to be replaced, we have to have a sample from the floor showing where the plywood was defective and hence caused the problem. We request a sample no smaller than 16" x 16" with the vinyl attached.
  4. Please understand and relate to your customer that over the years we have found that 98% of the time the problem is installer related.

As good of a product as we make, if complaints are not handled promptly and properly, we end up with a long term, unhappy, disparaging customer. Please do everything possible to assist us in resolving any complaint in a timely and friendly manner. And remember for every new customer, there will be a period of learning where every "complaint" provides a chance for us to better educate our customers as to the benefits of our product when properly installed.

Note: Multiply reserves the right to refuse any claim where no sample was submitted nor the company given opportunity to inspect the floor.

Fax: (800) 672-2226
"Customer Care Centre"

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