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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Choose an Underlayment?

  2. What is MULTIPLY® underlayment?

  3. Where can MULTIPLY® be used?

  4. Can I use MULTIPLY® panels in a renovation?

  5. How easy are the panels to install?

  6. Are there any special Storage, Handling or Preparation details I need to know?

  7. What type of fasteners do I need?

  8. Does MULTIPLY® require a vapor barrier?

  9. Can I install MULTIPLY® panels below grade?

  10. Do I need to use a joint patching compound?

  11. What type of sandpaper do I need?

Multiuply Plywood - For professional results every time!

Itís Whatís Underneath That Counts!

1. Why Choose an Underlayment?

New floor coverings, especially vinyl, require an absolutely smooth and durable foundation underneath to prevent the subfloor or old floor surfaces from showing irregularities.
Vinyl flooring manufacturers require a sound foundation under their product to protect their warrantees, and Multiply® meets this requirement.






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