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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Choose an Underlayment?

  2. What is MULTIPLY® underlayment?

  3. Where can MULTIPLY® be used?

  4. Can I use MULTIPLY® panels in a renovation?

  5. How easy are the panels to install?

  6. Are there any special Storage, Handling or Preparation details I need to know?

  7. What type of fasteners do I need?

  8. Does MULTIPLY® require a vapor barrier?

  9. Can I install MULTIPLY® panels below grade?

  10. Do I need to use a joint patching compound?

  11. What type of sandpaper do I need?

Multiuply Plywood - For professional results every time!

Itís Whatís Underneath That Counts!

2. What is MULTIPLY® underlayment?

It is a white hardwood plywood panel specially developed as a flooring underlayment. When applied according to instructions, MULTIPLY® will protect your floor covering investment for years to come. Check out these features:

Thick Veneer Face:
Resists punctures from appliances and high heels etc.
Stain Proof:
Multiply® is made from a hardwood species that is naturally white plus, because synthetic fillers are not used, it’s guaranteed never to discolor or stain new floor coverings.
Nailing Grid:
This locates the correct position for each fastening pattern to assure a tight, even and properly secured floor.
Moisture Resistant:
Multiply® is made with an exterior phenolic adhesive which helps repel moisture. Multiply® is guaranteed not to delaminate or buckle.
Uniform Thickness:
Panels are sanded to fine tolerances to minimize minor irregularities in subfloors and old floors.
4'x4' (1220mm x 1220mm); 1/4" (6.35mm) or 3/8" (9.5 mm) thick.
10 Year Warranty:
for added long term protection of your floor covering investment.



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