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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Choose an Underlayment?

  2. What is MULTIPLY® underlayment?

  3. Where can MULTIPLY® be used?

  4. Can I use MULTIPLY® panels in a renovation?

  5. How easy are the panels to install?

  6. Are there any special Storage, Handling or Preparation details I need to know?

  7. What type of fasteners do I need?

  8. Does MULTIPLY® require a vapor barrier?

  9. Can I install MULTIPLY® panels below grade?

  10. Do I need to use a joint patching compound?

  11. What type of sandpaper do I need?

Multiuply Plywood - For professional results every time!

It’s What’s Underneath That Counts!

7. What type of fasteners do I need?

Staples are recommended most because their depth can be controlled to provide the tightest fastening system. However nails and screws can also be used.

For best results, the fastener chosen to install the panels must:

Penetrate 75% to 90% of the entire floor system but not protrude through the bottom of the subfloor.


Be slightly countersunk into the surface of the Multiply® panel.


Set 3/8"– 3/4" (9.5mm - 19.0mm) from panel edge.

Staples: The recommended system
Use a chisel point, narrow crown (1/4"- 6.35mm), clear-coated staple.
Set them slightly countersunk.

Select annular-grooved underlay flooring nails at least 1" (25.4mm) long with a 3/16" (5.0mm) head.


Use a screw gun with depth finder and choose a flat-head #8 low-root thread with reaming nibs/lugs not less than 1" (25.4mm) long.
Do not use drywall screws.



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