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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Choose an Underlayment?

  2. What is MULTIPLY underlayment?

  3. Where can MULTIPLY be used?

  4. Can I use MULTIPLY panels in a renovation?

  5. How easy are the panels to install?

  6. Are there any special Storage, Handling or Preparation details I need to know?

  7. What type of fasteners do I need?

  8. Does MULTIPLY require a vapor barrier?

  9. Can I install MULTIPLY panels below grade?

  10. Do I need to use a joint patching compound?

  11. What type of sandpaper do I need?

Multiuply Plywood - For professional results every time!

It’s What’s Underneath That Counts!

4. Does MULTIPLY require a vapour barrier?

Not if the application is over a heated basement. However, vapor barriers are necessary when panels are installed above a crawl space. Note that crawl space must be at least 18 inches (457mm).



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