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Performance Hardwood Veneer Flooring Underlayment

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ideal for vinyl,
ceramic tile,
carpet, wood,
and laminate floors.


Why do I need a flooring underlayment?

Whether it’s a new floor covering you are installing either in a home or commercial building, the assurance your investment will carry well into the future depends on the decisions you make today.

The selection of a quality flooring underlayment matters because while soon “out of sight”, it is under foot for years, helping to maintain the floor’s original appearance.

What does an underlayment provide?

Floor covering manufacturers require a smooth solid foundation be provided underneath that will perform equally well over the life of their product. MULTIPLY®, a quality high-performance hardwood underlayment panel, meets or exceeds all vinyl flooring manufacturers’ requirements.

Why MULTIPLY® brand?

Proven products mean peace of mind…

  1. Multiply® panels are calibrated to offer accurate thickness and squareness and provide a precision fit for easy assembly.
  2. Multiply® panels are made by a single dedicated North American mill to assure consistency from panel to panel EVERY TIME.
  3. Professional installers and flooring retailers trust Multiply® because of decades of proven trouble-free performance.

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