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Installation Guide

Preparation Underlayment and Subfloor

Tools for the job
Material for the job
People for the job
Crawl spaces
Over existing vinyl floors

Installation Vinyl Sheet & Tile

Setting the first panel
Fastening all other panels
Final check
Installing the new vinyl floor covering
Avoid Going Wrong

Installation Ceramic Tile

Setting the first panel
Fastening all other panels
Installation - mortar
Installation - setting tile

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Installation Guide and Warranty
English (PDF)
Guide de pose et garantie

French (PDF)
Guía de instalación y garantía
Spanish (PDF)

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Moisture content being measured
with a moisture meter.

Preparation - Underlayment and Subfloor


Installing MULTIPLY® flooring underlayment is quick and easy. Plan carefully and follow the step-by-step instructions for good results. But if a lack of time or experience has you in doubt… your local PRO Flooring Contractor can provide you “peace of mind” by bringing your project in on time and budget. They provide:

  • Knowledge of national and local building codes.

  • Necessary tools and equipment.

  • Experience using approved installation techniques.

  • A guarantee on workmanship.


  • Not recommended for on slab construction – direct installation on concrete – over radiant heated floors – or crawl spaces less than 18”.

  • Proper vapor barriers, insulation and venting must be provided for crawl spaces.

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