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Setting the first panel
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Installation Guide and Warranty
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Installation Vinyl Sheet & Tile


  • Start at one corner of the room along the longest line and install one panel at a time.

  • Set panel grain at right angles to the floor joists with the grain running in the same direction.

  • Offset panel edges from the subfloor edges by a minimum of 12”.

  • Maintain a minimum 1/4” gap along all walls and vertical surfaces for expansion.

  • Do NOT four-corner fasten panel first. Start from a panel corner and fasten row by row to the opposite side.

  • Use full body weight over the area being fastened to assure firm contact with the subfloor.

  • Fasten panels every 2” along the edges and 4” across the field, on every X.

  • Position fasteners 3/8” to 1/2” in from panel edges and apply staples across the grain.


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