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Installation Vinyl Sheet & Tile


Use patching compound only where necessary. It has been the Industry experience patching and flashing joints between panels increases the risk of seam telegraphing, tunneling and ridging. With careful installation patching can be avoided.

  • Fill voids 1/16” or greater, gaps, chipped edges, dents and gouges.

  • Use a patching compound approved by the vinyl flooring manufacturer. This is usually a hard-setting acrylic cement based product.

  • Patch must be completely cured before sanding.

Do NOT use an electric fan to speed up the drying time. This creates a “surface cure” that, while dry enough to sand, traps water below the surface and prevents a proper cure. The panel edges absorb the moisture, expand slightly and force the patch out of the joint as a bead that can later be seen through the vinyl.

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