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Installation Ceramic Tile

Setting the first panel
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Installation Guide and Warranty
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Installation - Ceramic Tile


  • Ring shank or annular-grooved, galvanized flooring nails with a 3/16” diameter head is the preferred fastener for ceramic tile. Stainless steel or polymer coated staples and non-staining screws are also acceptable.

  • Recess fastener heads 1/16 and assure 75% to 90% penetration into the subfloor assembly. Do NOT penetrate through the bottom of the subfloor and avoid driving into floor joists to prevent pop-ups.

  • Stagger panel joints in each row 12” minimum – ensure four panel corners never meet at an intersection.

  • Lay all panels with the grain running in the same direction.

  • Cut panels to size with a trim saw.

  • Keep factory edges together and use hand cut edges against walls etc.

  • Avoid using panel pieces less than 12” except for cutting in to allow for floor fixtures.

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