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Installation - Ceramic Tile


Mix EGP latex-portland cement mortar in accordance with the following directions, unless mortar manufacturer's instructions differ:

  1. Add dry ingredients to proper amount of water or liquid latex recommended by the manufacturer.

  2. Mix and slake according to the manufacturer's instructions, mix slowly and thoroughly and let mortar stand for 15 minutes; then remix. Do Not mix with high speed mechanical mixer. If used, mechanical mixer must be 300 RPM or lower. Do Not add water, latex, additional mortar, or other ingredients after slaking period.

  3. Mortar consistency shall be such that when applied with the recommended notched trowel to Multiply® panels, the ridges formed in the mortar shall not flow or slump.

  4. During use, remix mortar occasionally. Additional liquid or fresh materials shall not be added after initial mixing. Mortar shall not be used after initial set.

  5. Key the setting material into Multiply® panels by applying mortar with flat side of trowel over an area no greater than can be covered with tile before the mortar skins over, using a notched trowel of type recommended by mortar manufacturer, comb mortar to obtain even setting bed. Cover surface uniformly with no bare spots, and with sufficient mortar to ensure a minimum mortar thickness of 3/32" between tiles and Multiply® panels after tile has been embedded. Tile shall not be applied to skinned-over mortar.

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